Snowflakes: Thoughts at the end of Winter

So, I’ve been living in New York for the last year and I’ve seen plenty of snow  already. I’ve also spent plenty of time walking though it. I’ve seen everything from the little tiny flakes to the big, fat, fluffy things that obscure all vision (especially when stuck to eyelashes like the storm last Friday). I’ve gotten to the point that I hardly notice the tiny, glitter-like flakes; though I hardly notice them, it’s still snowing.

When someone says, “It’s snowing!”, I always picture the big flakes that makes the world seem like a living snow globe. Similarly, when someone says they’ve felt the Spirit, I think of the powerful and great experiences that come fewer and further between than the gentle whisperings of the Spirit(1).

Most often, the Spirit does not come as the blizzard in winter. Those are the powerful experiences that stand out in our memories. Yet, even little flakes still mean it’s snowing, though it may not be the snowfall that stands out in our memories. Some of those snowflakes are so small, they are imperceptible without all their fellow flakes falling with them.

If you’ve felt happy, not as the world describes happy, but as the Lord describes happy, then the Spirit is there. If you’ve felt moment of comfort or peace when you’ve needed that, then the Spirit is there. If you’ve felt encouraged or prompted to do good, to be just, to pray, or to reach spiritually to our Father above, then the Spirit has been there. They do not need to be experiences that move us to tears or make us want to shout for joy. The Spirit more often is the still, small voice, not the great storm.

With the gentle influence of the Spirit, comes knowledge and testimony. It gently builds up, perhaps almost unnoticed at first(2). Once in a while we may have the spiritual blizzard that adds great depth to our testimonies, but most come gentle and small.

Do not give up if you’ve felt spiritually “dry”, just seek after the things of the Spirit. Study the scriptures, pray daily, watch for the answers and they will come.

I hope we can all be spiritually “snowed in.”


One thought on “Snowflakes: Thoughts at the end of Winter

  1. Sis. Jones….
    Is it snowing? We shall pray for snow in July based upon this happy analogy! Of course by then we will use sunbeams to remind us of the warmth of the Spirit. Thank you for the great thoughts…well done.
    May the gentleness of the next snowfall be effectual and obvious to each of us and especially to those we share a snowball with!!!! Wouldn’t it be great if it worked that way…”Here, catch!” “Gotcha”
    Love you,
    the “Other Sis. Jones!”

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