About Me

My name is Camille Jones. I am an authorized representative for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently serving a mission in the western part of New York. Though I’ve taken 4 years of Seminary, and other religion courses over the last 5 years, my confidence in this Church could not be developed merely through schooling. This church offers a promise no other church can offer: the chance to know without a doubt if this church is true. I have taken the challenge and found the truth.

My purpose is to help others become closer to Christ by helping them understand that Truth is Eternal. Also, the Holy Ghost bears witness of truth, because that is His purpose. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever; I know He has returned the fulness of His truth through prophets, the same way He taught the people anciently.

Before the Second Coming of Christ, there will be days of turmoil and danger. In such times, God has always led and warned the people through a prophet and I know, for that reason, He has called another prophet today and sent me out to teach the gospel to all the world.

God warned Noah of the Flood and told the righteous how to escape. He told Joseph in Egypt of the coming famine and how to prepare. I know that same God speaks today through His prophets, giving counsel that brings safety and peace when followed.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. So wonderful to read your blog! As someone who is currently searching, it gives me great confidence in my impending choice when I see someone like you serving the Lord and the LDS Church.

  2. Jeff and I loved meeting/sparring with you today. You are bright, educated and quick. I appreciated the warmth and new insight you brought to a site that I have personally visited at least half a dozen times before. I love the strength in your convictions and know that others will feel of it as well. Continue the good work, smile at the naysayers and embrace all.

    • Yes. The message of the Church is either true or not. I would want to know so I could choose and find the truth. I do know this Church is true because the Holy Spirit has witnessed to my mind and heart. Joseph is a Prophet and so is Thomas S. Monson. The blessings and promises we have are amazing.

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